Studying as a career preparation 

Since my school grading was not very good, I followed by a study of computer science. Because my results in mathematics and physics have been very good. During my studies, I was able to stay comfortably at home with my parents. This was the reason why, I do not need to apply for a scholarship, I was lucky that my parents supported me with money. So, I could concentrate completely on my studies. 

I enjoyed my studies. Finally, I was able to deal with the things that really interested meBy the way, my horror lessons at the school were all languages. If you did not learn vocabulary there for a month or two, you were just out. Basically, you cannot catch up on this valuable time so quickly.  

During my studies, especially in mathematics or computer science, I got a good knowledge with the English descriptions. It was always a common technical language and I always had enough time to look up words that I did not know 

Prepare the internship with Erasplus+ 

Erasplus +, found potential companies that could take me as intern, and I wrote several cover letters. My supervisor took care of my technical confirmations and the necessary documents that have to be settled by the university.  

I finished my studies and then immediately went to England, near Oxford. I was looking forward to this great adventure. The choice fell on England because I wanted to learn the language from native speakers and not from someone who has learned English as a foreign language. In addition, the IT sector in England corresponds to the development of the German standard.  

Start of the internship 

My first day at the IT company was not as bad as I feared. My boss was waiting for me and he was really nice and friendly, as well as almost all colleagues. I immediately felt as part of the community. Already on the second day I became safer and even dared to ask a few questions. My colleagues were so nice and spoke very slowly so that I could understand everything. I am very good in my field of expertise, namely the programming of databases, so the work was not difficult for me. I even felt that I could really help them. That in turn made me very proud and made me much safer in everything. 

Driving the career forward – Erasmus + Certificate helps you to successfully apply 

Much too fast, the three-month internship with the help of Erasplus+ has passed. While the company of course mainly specialized English spoken, I got to know the typical British small talk in my host family. Back in Germany, I applied for some jobs with my degree and the internship through Erasmus +. My shortlisted choice was a French-based computer company based in Cologne, which of course attached importance to the company’s own language “English”. My interview was therefore in English. Without the internship in England, I would have failed miserably and never got the job. 


In today’s globalized world, it is essential to have at least one foreign language truly business-fluent. Although I would have had good grades in English at that time in school – this knowledge that I have today, I would never have been able to achieve with school English. Also, that I literally jumped in the cold water, has helped me great in my career and life. Unpredictable events can no longer shake me, and my self-confidence has risen enormously. With the help of Erasplus+ I could find myself and start strengthened in my professional life.