We offer fully customised research for international internships. According to your CV, your needs for the Erasmus Plus program and your studies, we will find a company that meets your needs.


If you have not been granted with the Erasmus Plus program, don’t worry about it. You can access all our services and enjoy the same international experience, while boosting your CV.


In Erasplus+ we are always looking for talent, your level doesn’t matter. If you are looking forward to it, we will find the perfect internship for you. From internships in job training, degrees, masters, doctorates… Ask us!


Placement and internship research

Erasplus+ is expert at helping students get internships around Europe. Our service is tailored to your needs and we work with students who are either Erasmus granted or ungranted. Once you have been accepted to our program, we will require a small deposit to begin our work. We don’t accept full payment until we have secured your internship.

Accommodation + Course

Erasplus+ manages your accommodation requirements so you don’t have to. We offer you shared apartments with other students so you can share your experience with people just like you. Don’t worry if you are not an expert in the local language: our language courses will help you get the most from your experience; classes from beginner to advanced levels.

Hosting interns

Are you looking for fresh talent in your company? At Erasplus+ we find the perfect candidates so you don’t have to. We believe matching the right candidate to the right company results in the best experience for everyone. We specialise in getting this right.

Many of the candidates we offer are part of the Erasmus Plus program and carry a grant. This covers their main costs and helps keep your costs to a minimum. We would suggest a small monthly contribution for transport or subsistence allowance, but a full salary is not expected. This grant is tax-free and declarable, so there are only benefits for your company.


Fill in the application form and we will contact you within 24hr. Once we have the right candidate profile from you, we will send you your first CVs within 48hrs. If you want to know more, click here.

Personal Interview

Our agency offers a customised service for each education center. Depending on your requirements, we offer an interview via video-call, a physical presentation your center or a personal interview with the interested students. Fill in our application form to begin the process now

We handle it

Erasplus+ facilitates the process between the companies and the students, just send us the CVs of the students who are interested and we will manage the rest.

Student monitoring

The students who agree with our services have a 24h helpline, as well as a designated person of our company who is there to help them at all times. We follow up our interns every month and we are in constant touch with the companies.

Popular Destinations

With or without the Erasmus Plus grant, you will love our students’ favorite destinatio


Numerous internship placements in technology companies, programming, marketing and finances


The fastest changing economy in southern Europe, with a huge range of internships and great weather


Huge range of specialised placements such as hairdressing, marketing, finances and international marketing



The international leader for capital investment in start-ups. We offer internships in specialised companies

We will find your Internship

We have a customised service to find the right internship according to your studies


Opinions about our services from other students, companies, education centers which work with us

  • “Participar en el programa Erasmus Plus en Dublín ha sido bueno para mi carrera. Mi idea era aumentar mi CV, al volver a España encontré trabajo. En la residencia de SmithField´s he vivido experiencias únicas, mi compañero de habitación era hindú por lo que los dos aprendimos bastante de las diferencias culturales.”

    Client Image
    • Manuel Navarro
    • App Developer
  • “Erasplus+ ile İrlanda'da yaptığım 2 aylık staj süresi boyunca Cork gibi yazılım merkezi olan bir şehirde İrlanda kültürünü tanıma, yazılım dünyasının İrlanda'da nasıl işlediği ve en önemlisi İrlanda'nın çalışma kültürünü görme şansı elde ettim. Gelecekte İrlanda'da staj yapmak düşünen herkese, bu kararlarının arkasında durmalarını ve sonuna kadar gitmelerini tavsiye ediyorum”.

    Client Image
    • Egehan Gündüz
    • IT Developer
  • La experiencia con la beca Erasmus Plus a sido increíble, tanto personal, como profesionalmente, finalmente logré quedarme en la empresa. Desde el principio todo fue muy sencillo, ellos se encargaron de todo, tanto de las prácticas como el alojamiento y el curso de idiomas. La verdad que el curso me ayudó bastante a la hora de adaptarme al mundo profesional.

    Client Image
    • Project Manager
  • This internship in Dublin, it’s the best decision that I could take, and I just can say thanks to Erasplus, for making this happen.
    My time in the residence was fantastic, I met a lot of different people from everywhere, also in the company, I could gain a lot of experience and knowledge.
    Dublin is the place to be if you are looking for an opportunity, it’s full of international companies, startups and young people from all over the world. Now I decide to try to find a job here, and with this experience I’m sure it’s going to be much easier and better.
    Client Image
    • Marketing Executive


Erasplus+ offers great value for money. The service costs around €700 and we reduce it to more than the half that to make sure you get the most for your money. We are totally against abusive prices.


If you have any questions, read our F.A.Q. about the placement service, or contact us through email, Skype, social networks or customer support phone. The accommodation and language courses services depend on the destination chosen and its occupancy rate. Ask for a provisional budget!

Sponsoring Organizations

Universities, International Centers, Companies, StartUps Incubators.