When we arrive home one day and we tell our family “Mom, Dad: I’m going abroad,” butterflies and anguish begin to travel through all the nerves of our body. We enter into a state of mixed feelings and whatever we do or happen to us reminds us that we are leaving soon: we leave our comfort zone.

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The day of preparations comes very soon and you start with your greatest work of art: the best organized and square Tetris ever! Without exceeding the kg set by the airline, of course. And so, when you want to realize you’ve arrived, you’ve settled in, you’ve found your soul mate in college, work or flat, and you’re teaching the best of your culture: the potato omelette (with onion!) and the siesta.

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The weeks and months pass, and every day you are happier to have spent that fatiguing period of filling out the paperwork with your international relations coordinator to be able to leave. You grow as a professional with an international vision in your sector and, above all, as a person: you meet people from countries that, probably, you did not know how to pronounce; you learn to find the lowest-cost offers to travel throughout Europe; you speak poorly, at least, several keywords in the languages of neighbouring countries; your workmates/classmates invite you to play bowling or billiards and you discover that you are much better than you thought; you taste food that you did not know or that existed; you become a citizen of a place called World…

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They say that when you dream in a language that is not your mother tongue, it is because you are really learning it. Well, just at that moment you wake up and you see yourself sitting on a plane, with watery eyes, a suitcase full of experiences and a flag signed up by the waiter of the best kebab in the city.

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The majority of the people that work at Erasplus + have ever been Exchange, either with the Erasmus scholarship or to work outside of our countries, and that makes us agree that it has been, is and will always be the best decision of our lives!

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