It’s not a secret that nowadays education becomes less and less important for employers and above all, from potential candidates, they expect professional experience and practical competences. That is why you should take matters into your own hands and take care of acquiring specific skills during your studies. Internships abroad under Erasmus+ Programme can guarantee a strong point in your CV, which will definitely impress your prospective employer.


1. The possibilities of the Erasmus+ Programme

While studying in Europe, you can’t miss the unique opportunity offered by the Erasmus+ Programme to participate in the international exchanges funded by the European Union. If you dream about professional development in an international environment you have to take part in the recruitment process organized by your university and you will get a unique chance for internship in the institution or enterprise abroad related to your interests. Don’t worry if you find an interesting but unpaid internship offer. As an Erasmus+ intern you will receive a grant that easily help you to cope with the cost of living abroad. No matter if you have chosen philological, engineering or artistic field of study, in any case you can enrich your experience, broaden your career prospects and improve your language skills. Student status gives you a lot of opportunities so it would be a pity not to use it!

2. International experience

Human resources specialists find multicultural experience as a great asset that helps in finding a dream job. Candidate with experience gained during internship abroad is being perceived by recruiters as an active, determined and independent person who is ready to take on challenges and show flexibility and willingness towards new situations under demanding circumstances. Internship abroad let you also acquire international adaptability and cross-cultural sensitivity and develop your ability to maintain effective relations with people of different national backgrounds whilst maintaining impartiality and demonstrating culture awareness and great communications skills. What is more, being a part of an international team will increase your self-confidence by effective learning how to share your ideas, doubts or fears. Who would not want to hire an employee whose experience can make a unique contribution to building an effective team? Therefore, you should test your skills, ideas and possibilities in multinational working environment, that will be more effective than  “coffee internship”.

3. Professional development

After leaving the student “comfort zone” and entering the job market, graduates with no work experience find themselves in an extremely difficult situation when they’re looking for the best offers.

If you don’t want to stuck on the reserve list in the ranking of desired candidates, it is necessary to develop your professional skills during the studies to meet the requirements of your future employer later. Doing internship abroad after graduation is the most effective bridge between the end of student life and the real entry into adulthood and investment in a future career. You shouldn’t waste your time on being unemployed or taking on random jobs that don’t meet your expectations! Take advantage of the Erasmus+ Programme instead and go abroad to gain unique professional experience. You will have an opportunity to get to know different fields of interest in a relatively short time. Understanding the differences between different sectors will allow you to choose and plan the career path most suitable for you.

4. Use of skills in practice

Internship abroad will help you use in practice and develop further all the strengths that you have already acquired during your studies and identify skills that need to be improved. So take your time and try to learn from your mentor and colleagues, ask questions and don’t be afraid to suggest new ideas! Internship abroad is also a great opportunity to develop interpersonal skills. You can learn how to effectively build professional relationships with people at all levels and get to know what team work is and learn how to analyze new, complex problems. Whether it’s public speaking, presentations or just suggesting new ideas, internships abroad will undoubtedly help you develop self-confidence and improve your language skills. During the internship you will have the opportunity to work actively and acquire new skills that will give you a significant advantage in the competitive labor market.

5. Unforgettable memories

Above all, student exchange within the Erasmus+ Programme is the easiest and the cheapest way to live abroad while studying, to test your strength on the international labor market or finally to make interesting multinational contacts. Remember that internship abroad is not only work at foreign institution or company, but also an unique opportunity to get to know a different culture, both during duties and travels between working days. It is also a chance to meet amazing people from around the world and to exchange international experiences with them. Move to an unknown city, work in a new company, everyday life in a different culture – all these factors contribute to an unforgettable experience!


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