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Il programma Erasmus Plus favorisce la mobilità degli studenti nei paesi dell’Unione Europea allo scopo di promuovere l’internazionalizzazione sia degli studenti sia delle imprese. La durata prevista è dai 2 a 12 mesi.


Stipulare un contratto di Stage è facile: basta avere un tutor aziendale che segua lo studente stagista e firmare il contratto tra lo studente, l’università e l’impresa. Erasplus+ fornirà tutti i documenti necessari, senza preoccupazione alcuna per l’impresa.


Stai pensando di internazionalizzare la tua impresa? Magari testare un nuovo mercato? Tutti i nostri studenti parlano almeno 2 lingue. Contattaci per dirci di più sulla tua impresa.

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Scopri cosa dicono di noi gli altri studenti, imprese e Università che collaborano con noi

Hongbo Sun, SimpliFly CEO and Co-Founder

“SimpliFly people are the most valuable and meaningful to our company.
We always seek for talents who share the same passion as us to join in our company. Tubecamec provides us an unique pool of interns and we enjoyed our relationship since the beginning.”

Karl Aherne
Managing Director – Headcase Marketing

“In Wayra Ireland, our startups were crying out for smart, energetic business interns with an international background. Erasplus took on the challenge and managed the process from beginning to end, finding the right interns, with the right skills and matching them to the needs of our startups.”

Andrew Casey
CMO at

Working with Erasplus has been a great experience. The team worked closely with us every step of the way to ensure that we ended up with a candidate that was right for our company’s specific needs. The interview process was clear and well managed and after just a few interviews, we found a perfect candidate. Within a few weeks our candidate was in Dublin and rearing to go. We look forward to working with the team again.

Chaume Sanchez
CEO GeeksHubs

“The experience of hosting an intern in our company has been great,
the service of Erasplus + was fast and it was exactly what we needed.
Our intern quickly adapted to our team and became a part of our permanent team.”

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