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Internship research

Once you contact us, we will set up an interview with you. During our assessment interview, we will build up your candidate profile. We will look at your field of study and your chosen destination country. Once we have your profile processed, you will pay your deposit and we start the research into our partner companies to find the best placement for you.

Once we have identified the right company for you, we will then arrange your interview with them. If the company is not the right fit for you, we will continue offering interviews until you have found the exact right opportunity for you.

Internships vary in duration from between 2 to 6 months and they begin when you agree a start date with your selected company.
The price for the internship research service is 349€.
If you want to know more about this process, please check our F.A.Q. or contact us directly.

Accommodation with our partners

Our agency offers you a customised service for the accommodation research, so that you don’t have to worry about it once you arrive the destination. We have lots of options available, from residences to shared flats with other students.

You will live in a youthful atmosphere, surrounded by people who are enjoying an experience just like yours. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a highlighted budget according to the desired destinations and needs.

Language course

Even if you know your destination language well, it is always a good option to take a course during the first week. That gives you the chance of a greater adaptation and helps you learn local expressions and habits.

We make sure our courses are the best quality and value for money so you get the most for the least.

Customised service

Internship research for Erasmus Plus 2021/22 will help widen your experience

Step by Step

Our process made simple

Popular Destinations

With or without the Erasmus Plus grant, you will love our students’ favorite destinatio


Numerous internship placements in technology companies, programming, marketing and finances


The fastest changing economy in southern Europe, with a huge range of internships and great weather


Huge range of specialised placements such as hairdressing, marketing, finances and international marketing



The international leader for capital investment in start-ups. We offer internships in specialised companies


Opinions about our services from other students, companies, education centers which work with us

  • “Participar en el programa Erasmus Plus en Dublín ha sido bueno para mi carrera. Mi idea era aumentar mi CV, al volver a España encontré trabajo. En la residencia de SmithField´s he vivido experiencias únicas, mi compañero de habitación era hindú por lo que los dos aprendimos bastante de las diferencias culturales.”

    Client Image
    • Manuel Navarro
    • App Developer
  • “Erasplus+ ile İrlanda'da yaptığım 2 aylık staj süresi boyunca Cork gibi yazılım merkezi olan bir şehirde İrlanda kültürünü tanıma, yazılım dünyasının İrlanda'da nasıl işlediği ve en önemlisi İrlanda'nın çalışma kültürünü görme şansı elde ettim. Gelecekte İrlanda'da staj yapmak düşünen herkese, bu kararlarının arkasında durmalarını ve sonuna kadar gitmelerini tavsiye ediyorum”.

    Client Image
    • Egehan Gündüz
    • IT Developer
  • La experiencia con la beca Erasmus Plus a sido increíble, tanto personal, como profesionalmente, finalmente logré quedarme en la empresa. Desde el principio todo fue muy sencillo, ellos se encargaron de todo, tanto de las prácticas como el alojamiento y el curso de idiomas. La verdad que el curso me ayudó bastante a la hora de adaptarme al mundo profesional.

    Client Image
    • Project Manager
  • This internship in Dublin, it’s the best decision that I could take, and I just can say thanks to Erasplus, for making this happen.
    My time in the residence was fantastic, I met a lot of different people from everywhere, also in the company, I could gain a lot of experience and knowledge.
    Dublin is the place to be if you are looking for an opportunity, it’s full of international companies, startups and young people from all over the world. Now I decide to try to find a job here, and with this experience I’m sure it’s going to be much easier and better.
    Client Image
    • Marketing Executive
  • Mi internship fue una experiencia de aprendizaje increíble sobre el mundo laboral, finalmente conseguí un puesto fijo en la misma empresa. He tenido una experiencia muy recomendable con Erasplus en mi período de prácticas conocí las bases, acabe consiguiendo un puesto fijo en la empresa. Pude desarrollar mis prácticas en Rent View, en una zona increíble de Dublín, muy cerca de las oficinas de Yahoo, el ambiente startepero, se respiraba en todo el edificio. He hecho buenos amigos en la residencia de Temple Bar, increíble localización. Muy recomendable.

    Client Image
    • Back-End Developer

Partner Organizations

Universities, International Centers, Companies, StartUps Incubators.