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Thanks to Erasplus+, students and graduates can gain first professional experience at the international working environment. Cooperation with the most innovative companies on the European market gives them the opportunity to develop skills and obtain real employment opportunities after completing internship.

Erasplus core service consists of international internship research in companies selected according to the client’s professional profile and with excellent learning experience guaranteed. Erasplus + also provides support in the organization of accommodation and language course during internship period to maximize the facilitation of the adaptation of the client to the new context. Our mission is to facilitate the introduction of our clients in the labour market and rise their rate of employment afterwards up to a 68%.

Erasplus+ with headquarters in Dublin (Ireland) and Valencia (Spain) offers a specialized service in managing international internship experiences, under the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme and other similar projects. We already have 8- year-experience in the field and more than 590 students have relied on our service. Erasplus+ cooperates with universities in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Turkey. We work mainly with european start-up companies, where the level of interpersonal relationship is higher compared to big companies’ context.

Our service is dedicated to students interested mainly in the following professional sectors: Marketing and Communication, Graphic Design, Administration, Management, Business and Finance, International Trade, Architecture, Tourism, Hospitality, Information Technology and Computer Engineering, but we are able to find internship for every candidate.

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Customized service

We offer fully customised research for international internships. According to your CV, your needs for the Erasmus+ Programme and your studies, we will find a company that meets your needs. In any case we don’t require additional extra-budgetary fees.

Support throughout the process

We cover the basic needs related to the international staying and experience, by offering services such as accommodation research and language course research, to maximize the facilitation of the adaptation of the client to the new context.

Possibility of employment after internship

60% of students who found the internship with Erasplus+ have been offered permanent employment in the company after completing internship.

The Team

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