Internship abroad is one of the most stressful but extremely important stages in the career of every young graduate. Trying to get your dream job after graduation without impressive experience in your CV is extremely difficult or even impossible, so you made the decision – you pack your luggage and going to leave, at least for a few months. However, planning and organization of your travel start to frighten you. There are so many things that you have to remember about! How to not get lost? Keep calm! We have some useful tips that will help you not only easily prepare for your internship and find an interesting job offer, but also deal with all the necessary formalities and be ready for new challenges! Here’s everything you need to know before going on internships abroad! 

1. Prepare original CV 

Before you are accepted for an internship position at the international institution or company, firstly you need to effectively go through the recruitment process. Your application must stand out from the competition. Forget about standard application to be noticed in the crowd. However, remember that the form can not be excessed over substance. Your CV must be professional and briefly present who you are, what you have achieved so far and what an employer can gain by employing you. You can also attach your portfolio or cover letter to present your skills more widely. 

 2. Determine your career goals 

Internship abroad is an extremely valuable experience, so you shouldn’t make a decision thoughtlessly! Especially when you are a student or graduate, and the selection of a foreign internship will determine your future career path and your job trajectory. Before you start browsing international offers, first of all think about the areas and types of tasks you are most interested in, what you want to deal with in the future, whether the field of your studies is growing or maybe try your hand at a different line of business. Try to find a job that will allow you to gain valuable experience in the sector that interests you, while giving you satisfaction and pleasure. 

 3. Find the right destination 

Once you have already defined your motivation to go for internship abroad, choosing the destination is another dilemma you will face. If you have mastered the language of one country, you have experience in dealing with a culture, the decision will not be so difficult! However, you should pay attention to the cost of living, the level of security, as well as the level of development of the sector that interests you, to answer the question if it is definitely the right direction. Language skills are also an important criterion for the selection of the right country cause it will definitely facilitate in adapting to new circumstances and coping with everyday situations. But don’t worry if you are not a polyglot, because English is the working language of most companies operating on the international market. So let’s do this! 

 4. Find the perfect match 

You have polished off your CV, determined your motivation and destination. It’s high time to hunt for the perfect offer! First of all review international internships offers at your university – visit the university career office or contact the Erasmus+ Programme coordinator to ask for more information. Search for offers on your own, check websites dedicated to internships under Erasmus+ programme. Don’t hesitate to use the services of professional companies that search for the best internship offers tailored to your profile. Their offers are usually customized and available only for students or graduates of a given field of study. Check also our offer. 

5. Deal with bureaucratic matters 

Finding your dream internship is only half the battle. Dealing with all the necessary formalities, administrative procedures associated with going to the internship abroad, especially proper contact with international companies that are willing to accept an intern, can cause many difficulties and reduce the motivation to go abroad. But don’t give up easily! Every intern has to deal with these bureaucratic matters to enjoy his international experience. First of all, take care about your individual Learning Agreement for Traineeships  approved by the host institution and university and sign the student agreement on internships. Depending on the destination country, you may also need a visa or work permit. You have to provide also with a proof of health and emergency insurance. Last but not least don’t forget to check if your ID and passport are valid! 

 6. Set aside funds for extra costs 

As an Erasmus+ Intern you will receive a grant from the Erasmus+ Programme fund to co-finance the costs of your stay and accommodation in the country of departure. However, remember that the cost of living abroad can be higher than in your country of origin. Moreover, not every internship offer guarantees you salary so you should have some savings for a rainy day. Make sure you organize your budget and specify an “emergency fund” in case of unexpected expenses.

7. Find accommodation

Finding the right accommodation is one of the biggest problems that arise when you are planning your stay abroad. First of all, not every landlord wants to rent an apartment for such a short period of 3-6 months, and this is usually the length of an internship. Secondly, booking and signing a rental agreement via the Internet may raise doubts, and the photos you have seen online may differ from reality. Third, the price. Therefore, it’s good to come a few days before the start date of the internship, in order to personally check the conditions of the flat found online or find something on your own. However, if you want to avoid the unpleasant process of looking for a place of residence after you have arrived in a new country, ask a professional company such as Erasplus+,that helps to organize accommodation for students abroad. Check also offers of local universities, student houses. A lot of employers, instead of a salary, offer an accommodation so in this case it seems to be the best solution!


Once you have all the information on how to effectively prepare for an internship abroad, it’s time for your move! You are ready to gain valuable skills and international experience, discover your hidden talents, learn about new potential career paths and inspire others who also dream of working abroad. Therefore, start your adventure today! If you need professional advice on how to get your dream job, contact us!